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Who's Winning the Big Insurance Primary?

[Cross-posted on Blue Mass Group.]

"Now, I don't know anybody who's hired by an insurance company that was actually working for the victims." -Republican Scott Brown, 9/21/12

Republican Scott Brown has been working very hard to misrepresent the role that his Democratic challenger, Elizabeth Warren, played in a lawsuit involving Travelers Insurance.  While Brown's negative attacks are misleading, he does raise a provocative point: insurance companies (and, well, any company or special interest) will allocate their resources where they think it will do the most good to benefit their goals.  Of course, in the case of insurance companies, the goal is maximizing profit.

As such, insurance companies will allocate resources to benefit their own bottom line.  Given that, it seems like an appropriate time to ask the question:

Who's Winning the Big Insurance Primary?

According to, the Insurance industry represents the fifth largest source of campaign funds for Republican Scott Brown.  Insurance industry sources have contributed $755,740 - over three-quarters of a million dollars - to Republican Scott Brown.  Notably, that figure includes a $9,000 contribution to Brown from the Political Action Committee of none other than Travelers.  Travelers isn't alone.  Brown has taken campaign contributions from the PACs of over 40 different Insurance industry sources.

Very clearly, Big Insurance is a huge fan of Republican Scott Brown.  (He's not just Wall Street's favorite!)  What about Democratic nominee Elizabeth Warren?  What has she received in campaign contributions from Insurance industry sources?  Well, "Insurance" doesn't even make the list of Warren's top twenty sources of campaign contributions.  As such, ProgressMass had to contact The Center for Responsive Politics (CRP), which runs, in order to get Warren's total.  The figure that CRP replied with was just $34,475, or just under 4.6% of Brown's total take.

In short, Republican Scott Brown has taken from Big Insurance about twenty-two times what Democrat Elizabeth Warren has received.

BrownWarrenInsuranceIndustryContributions.jpgBig Insurance has made it abundantly clear that they would prefer to "hire" Republican Scott Brown to continue serving in the U.S. Senate, rather than have consumer protection advocate Elizabeth Warren replace him.  What was it again that Brown said about insurance company hiring?

Now, I don't know anybody who's hired by an insurance company that was actually working for the victims.

Just as with Wall Street and Big Oil, Big Insurance is voting with its dollars for Republican Scott Brown.  Once again, we see the big corporations and special interests lining up behind Republican Scott Brown, as he wins the Big Insurance Primary in a landslide.

In the meantime, as Republican Scott Brown desperately proceeds with his misleading negative attacks, you can help hold Brown accountable.  Click on the below graphic to share it on your Facebook Wall and spread the truth about Republican Scott Brown siding with big business over Middle Class Massachusetts.


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