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Moms, Imagine Your Daughters' Prom Dates Talked Like Scott Brown

[Cross-posted on Blue Mass Group.]

With today being Mother's Day and this time of year being high school prom season, it seems an appropriate time to ask this question of the moms across the Commonwealth.  Imagine your daughter's prom date talked to her like this:

"You can pound those pretty good. Sit down. Try this one. I've seen you [at the parties] before, don't act like you've never been to a [party]," he said, sliding over a stool. "We're gonna have her dancing in the back of the truck."

Imagine your daughter's date continued with this exchange:

Your Daughter's Date: "Wanna try another one?"

Your Daughter: "No."

Your Daughter's Date: "One more.  One more."

Wouldn't you be concerned about the behavior of your daughter's date?  Would you want your daughter going out on another date with this person?

Well, if that type of talk leaves you a little disturbed, you might be surprised to learn that this is exactly how Republican Scott Brown talked to a female reporter at a campaign stop just one month ago.  And you're right to be disturbed and concerned.

Saying "we're gonna have her dancing in the back of the truck" isn't the way a prom date should be talking to your daughter, and it certainly isn't the way a U.S. Senator should talk about a reporter.

While the rhetoric is shocking, it's not unexpected from Republican Scott Brown, who, when asked what he has learned from the strong and smart women in his life, responded "how to cook."  It's just as unsurprising from a supporter of the Blunt Amendment, a measure that would allow your boss to deny services available through your health insurance (like contraception or mammograms) for effectively any reason.

Mother's Day is a good day to remind Massachusetts that, on record and rhetoric, the Commonwealth deserves better than Republican Scott Brown has offered.

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