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Scott Brown's Tweet Peeps

Yesterday, when he wasn't taking heat for wanting to move the Red Sox out of Fenway Park or wanting female reporters to be "dancing in the back" of his pick-up truck, Scott Brown was also tweeting.

One tweet caught our eye.  Scott Brown re-tweeted a message from one of his vocal supporters:

scottbrownmajoedunn8retweet.jpgWhy would Scott Brown single out this one supporter's message to re-tweet?  Surely he has a handful of fans tweeting similar, seemingly generic supportive messages.  Scott Brown must really take to heart that he "Is One of Us," the "us" in this case being "JoeDunn8" and his ilk.  So it's worth taking a quick look at JoeDunn8's Twitter trail to see who Scott Brown is promoting through his own widely read Twitter account, and who is the "us" with whom Scott Brown is personally aligning himself.

It should go without saying that JoeDunn8's Twitter trail is extremely offensive.  But Scott Brown has decided to promote JoeDunn8's Twitter account, chock full of sexist, homophobic, and racially insensitive ranting, so cover your eyes at home:

#ILikeObamacare because it goes well with my#EBT card, Section 8, clothing allowance, SSI check, and Escalade. I am @BarackObama's base.!/JoeDunn8/status/183993164963643393

#ILikeObamacare because I want Moochelle to lecture me on eating habits so she'll feel better about that caloriefest I bought her tonight.!/JoeDunn8/status/183368990284976128

The typical Queen @Elizabethforma supporter Twitter profile in #masen #mapoli: "Gay Boy from Wisconsin."!/JoeDunn8/status/189814474092453889

@SandraFluke, isn't it time for you to open your legs/mouth again?#waronwomen!/JoeDunn8/status/187293267333881857

#ILikeObamacare because @SandraFluke gets to spread her legs 7 nights a week and now I get to pay for it.!/JoeDunn8/status/183363230436040704

#Trayvon Martin not the innocent little kid#MSNBC has been showcasing @TheRevAl!/JoeDunn8/status/184765439753195520

Race hustlers using #Trayvon Martin's death to justify their lack of jobs and lack of non-f-bomb vocabularies are fun to interact with.!/JoeDunn8/status/184775198451576833

Queen @Elizabethforma is #1 on Twitter w/gay boys from WI, BC students "from Somerville," & the bums of @Occupy_Boston#masen #mapoli!/JoeDunn8/status/189826866058756097

#NeighbortoNeighbor using former gimme girls to promote the #EBT culture of spread your legs at 15 in MA: #mapoli!/JoeDunn8/status/187730572884447232

There were translators assisting the non-working class to vent their #EBT frustration at the T today.#nofreeride #mapoli!/JoeDunn8/status/187728307083689984

@devalpatrick needs to get his #EBT heroin dlr voters to stop using their cards for bail money.#mapoli #masen @Elizabethforma @BarackObama!/JoeDunn8/status/190422749808828417

U R disturbing Moochelle's 3,000 calorie breakfast. MT @harmonywho How Dare they attack Ann Romney-bet Michelle Obama is up to this! #mapoli!/JoeDunn8/status/190414726386298880

@BarackObama knows the middle-class like#Moochelle knows low-calorie dishes. #mapoli RT (cont)!/JoeDunn8/status/189892140531318784

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