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Charlie Baker Trying to Have It Both Ways on Minimum Wage

Authored by Mathew Helman on Tuesday, Jan 14, 2014

[Cross-posted on Blue Mass Group.] In recent days, Massachusetts Attorney General and 2014 gubernatorial candidate Martha Coakley has been sparring with failed 2010 Republican gubernatorial nominee and fellow 2014 gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker over the minimum wage.  Coakley has been...

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Tea Party Leader Allen West's Advice for Baker-Polito: Make Campaign About West vs. Obama

Authored by Mathew Helman on Sunday, Jan 5, 2014

[Cross-posted on Blue Mass Group.] When Republican Karyn Polito was announced as Republican Charlie Baker's 2014 running mate, after numerous other choices reportedly were considered, one of the critiques immediately raised about her selection was her closeness with the right-wing...

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Five Public Policy Questions for Republican Karyn Polito

Authored by Mathew Helman on Thursday, Jan 2, 2014

[Cross-posted on Blue Mass Group.] During the 2010 gubernatorial campaign, Republican Charlie Baker and his running mate encountered embarrassing episodes in which they seemed not to be on the same page politically.  One of the most pronounced such moments was...

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Republican Charlie Baker's "Papers Please" Approach to Homelessness

Authored by Mathew Helman on Friday, Dec 20, 2013

[Cross-posted on Blue Mass Group.] With a spike in homelessness in Massachusetts, Republican gubernatorial candidate Charlie Baker has decided to dip a toe into the policy pool with the declaration of a general goal: Republican gubernatorial hopeful Charlie Baker Wednesday...

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Five Questions the Boston Globe Should Have Asked Charlie Baker Instead of 'What's Your Shoe Size?'

Authored by Mathew Helman on Friday, Nov 15, 2013

[Cross-posted on Blue Mass Group.] Massachusetts has seen some important political races recently, including last year's Brown-Warren U.S. Senate race (was that just last year?!), this spring's special U.S. Senate election to succeed Secretary of State John Kerry, and the...

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